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NON-CONFIDENTIAL: You agree that the Idea and anything else you submit to COMPANY NAME and its Subcontractors regarding the Idea is not confidential (whether or not it is marked "confidential"), may be shared by COMPANY NAME within its organization and with the Subcontractors and other third parties, and COMPANY NAME and its Subcontractors have no duty or obligation to hold it in confidence.

REPRESENTATIONS: You represent that:

  • You are 18 years old or older;
  • To the best of your knowledge, you solely own the Idea (or you are the authorized representative of the sole owner) and have all rights needed to send it to COMPANY NAME and its Subcontractors;
  • You have not entered into any agreement with anyone else regarding the Idea (such as an agreement to sell any rights in the Idea)
  • Neither your Idea nor your submission of the Idea to COMPANY NAME and its Subcontractors violates applicable law or the rights of any third parties; and
  • There are no claims or disputes relating to the Idea.

SUBMISSION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: You acknowledge and agree that COMPANY NAME and its Subcontractors will collect certain personal information from you, including through the form by which you submit the Idea, that COMPANY NAME and its Subcontractors may use to evaluate the Idea and to contact you in regards to your Idea. COMPANY NAME is under no obligation to contact you or to return to you any documents or materials that you submit to COMPANY NAME.

INDEPENDENT CREATION BY COMPANY NAME: You acknowledge that COMPANY NAME may independently have already developed, be in the process of developing, or at a future date develop ideas and concepts similar to the Idea. You have no cause of action arising out of this agreement against COMPANY NAME for such independent creation.

IP RIGHTS: By submitting the Idea to COMPANY NAME and its Subcontractors, you:

  • Do not assign any intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights in or to the Idea (collectively "IP Rights") to COMPANY NAME or its Subcontractors;
  • Agree that COMPANY NAME and its Subcontractors may evaluate your Idea, you grant COMPANY NAME a limited right under your IP Rights in and to the Idea as necessary for COMPANY NAME and its Subcontractors to evaluate your Idea, and YOU WAIVE ANY CLAIMS AGAINST COMPANY NAME AND ITS SUBCONTRACTORS FOR THEIR EVALUATION OF YOUR IDEA;
  • Acknowledge that you may lose your ability to file a patent application or obtain other legal protection in respect of the Idea and YOU WAIVE ANY CLAIM AGAINST COMPANY NAME OR ITS SUBCONTRACTORS IN THIS REGARD. You may wish to consult a patent attorney prior to submitting the Idea to COMPANY NAME to obtain independent professional advice about obtaining intellectual property protection for the Idea. You acknowledge that COMPANY NAME is not providing you with legal or commercial advice in relation to the Idea.

NO GRANT OF IP RIGHTS TO COMPANY NAME: By submitting the Idea to COMPANY NAME, you are not granting any rights in relation to IP Rights to COMPANY NAME, other than for the purpose of evaluating the Idea.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: You agree that these terms constitute the whole and only agreement between you and COMPANY NAME, and that these terms supersede any prior agreements, arrangements or understandings, regarding the Idea. These terms may only be amended by a signed, written agreement between you and COMPANY NAME.

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